What happens after Death?

In the God, probably the most Gracious, probably the most Merciful

Dying is among a couple of indisputable details of existence. No matter belief, race, status or age, we’ll all die. As the certainty of dying is globally recognized, the issue of the items happens, later on, continues to be debated throughout history. Islam teaches that one’s existence doesn’t finish on the planet rather, it’s adopted through the eternal existence from the hereafter. This pamphlet explains how this belief includes a major effect on our earthly lives while instilling expect healing inside a perfect world where God’s ultimate justice will prevail.

Despite its inevitability, we obtain so absorbed in living that people ignore dying. Our daily routines, enhanced comfort in our homes and our relationships stop us so busy we have very little time left to in a few days the fleeting nature of the world.

Then, all of a sudden, we have to face a realistic look at our existence when a family member suffers from a debilitating disease or we all experience a surprising loss. Helpless, we’re jolted through the frailty of existence, leading us to question our priorities and reevaluate our lifestyles.

Based on Islam, when faced having a calamity, you ought to say, “To God we belong and also to Him we shall return” (Quran 2:156). This invocation can also be recited if somebody dies. Reminding us of

our origin and our ultimate future, it puts the objective of our way of life in perspective. God clearly states within the Quran, the divinely revealed message from God to any or all humanity, he has produced humankind to worship Him. Since worship is really a comprehensive concept in Islam, composed of specific rituals in addition to general actions that promote good, it encourages individuals to conduct every facet of their lives with God-awareness.

Muslims believe they’ll go back to God (Allah in Arabic) once they die. Therefore, rather from the finish, dying becomes a part of a continuum which stretches into eternity.